Software being 'done' is like the lawn being 'mowed'.

- Jim Benson


My diverse background sets me apart from other developers.

My innate love for understanding how stuff works leads me to excel at understanding complex systems. I continually seek new knowledge — I love expanding my command line kung fu and picking up new libraries.

I have over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry and strive for accuracy in my work.

In addition to my technical skills, my background is in psychology and I am formally trained in behavior intervention.

Full Stack Development

Python and JavaScript are my languages of choice. I've worked with a variety of libraries in these languages ranging from data analysis and management with Pandas and SQLAlchemy, visualization with Matplotlib, Plotly, and D3.js, DOM manipulation with jQuery, along with many others.

Solution Seeker

Solving problems is one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy understanding how systems work to more effectively troubleshoot and resolve issues encountered during use. Whether it's a puzzle in The Adventures of Lolo or hardware/software misbehaving, I want to understand and master it.

Meticulous & Detailed

Whether it's a 1pt spacing difference or inconsistency in code, I search for and spot errors of all sizes and strive for flawless work. Achieving that means continually evaluating my work and looking for opportunities to improve.

Empathetic UI

In my front-end work, I design user interfaces with the target user in mind. My aim is to make software intuitive and easy to use for the intended users, which includes understanding who the user is and their unique challenges. Features aren't powerful if they aren't accessibile.

Team Leader

A desire to be a part of the best motivates me to help my teammates be their best. I actively seek new knowledge and look for opportunities to share my knowledge with those around me. When a project needs direction, I happily step up to the plate.

Effective Communicator

As a student of psychology with experience working in behavior intervention, there are few interpersonal situations I can't handle. At the center of my interactions is a desire for mutual understanding regardless of any perceived or real differences.


Here are a few sites I have built from the ground up.

Both of these examples originally use Flask to handle back-end route management and HTTP methods, along with Jinja for HTML templating. I set them up for deployment with Heroku using Gunicorn as the server.

Since originally writing RxCalculators, I set up a Linux (Ubuntu) virtual machine on Linode with NGINX as the web server, and moved the site there.

This portfolio website is hosted on the same virtual machine as RxCalculators, using server blocks to accurately direct traffic.


Full Stack Developer/Sole Contributer

Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, D3.js, HTML/CSS/Bootstrap, Linode, NGINX

Calculator web application designed for common calculations encountered by pharmacy professionals.

EPIC Faces

Full Stack Developer/Team Leader

Technologies: Python, Flask, HTML/CSS/Bootstrap, Google Colab, Jupyter, Pandas, Keras, TensorFlow, Heroku, Gunicorn

Machine learning group project exploring different convolutional neural networks and generative adversarial networks with faces as subject matter.